Found God is a redefined and disruptive entertainment focused organization, which works and handles Brands, Arts, Lifestyle, TV, Web and Social Networks through its involvement with Marketing, Audio Productions, Audio Distribution, Branding and Consultancy.
We are happy to present the services of Found God, a premium entertainment company specializing in music production, distribution and the showcasing of collection permitting and marketing, in all structures broadly and universally. 

A yearning venture which I have acknowledged to lead with the straightforward sureness, beginning from energy, order and devotion of involvement with this business, consistently at the most elevated levels.

The target Found God is in certainty to offer the administration of a "particular group": convey employable responses to accomplices cultivating both music production and co-production activities among licensees and enhancing recommendations to purchasers. Our services would be focused on expert and career centered musicians and their agents with augmentations to fans, mixed media production and advanced arrangements.

Our business procedure is especially fair: we have as of now in our portfolio significant global brands and will proceed with the coordinated effort with driving gatherings, both for the portrayal in Nigeria and of the ones effectively renowned in different nations and dispatch new Nigerian brands abroad. A difficult time loaded with circumstances anticipates us!